How to Choose an equation for body fat percentage?

With so many equations for calculating body fat percentage, it can be difficult determining which to use.

Here are some considerations:

  1. Number of people to measure and time available to take measurements.
  2. Age and gender of the person(s) to be measured.
  3. Physical condition of the person(s) to be measured: is the subject sedentary, highly fit, or an athlete?
  4. How much training you have with the skinfold measurement technique.

All equations are based on research that was conducted on different groups of individuals with a variety of ages, sex and ethnicities, which could generate discrepancies in the results according to the person to be measured using each equation, and likewise, each equation differs in the number of skinfolds to be measured:

  • Less skinfold sites (2 - 3) = less time to complete, less accurate results.
  • More skinfolds sites (4 - 9) = more time to complete, more accurate.

What is the ideal body fat percentage for men and women?

Equations for Calculating Body Fat Percentage