Professional Body Fat Calculation and Tracking Software

AnthroMetrix is a web-based client management system for body fat percentage testing, built for trainers, dieticians, and wrestling teams.

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Built for Trainers, Dietitians, and Coaches

Testing and Analytics

  • Advanced body fat percentage testing and tracking
  • Eight different formulas, including general population and population-specific
  • Average out multiple measurement sets
  • Plot results for multiple formulas

Progress Tracking

  • Calculate and set weight and body fat percent goals
  • Advanced progress planning tools
  • Upload multiple images, tag pose positions
  • Track and graph progress

Client Management

  • Create multiple client profiles
  • Share progress direct with your clients
  • Set appointments
  • Email results


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Our flexible pricing model makes it easy to create the perfect mix of features and number of profiles exactly right for you. For educational institutions, gyms, nutrition practices and other larger organizations please contact us for the best options.



  • Basic Goals
  • Basic Measurements
  • Basic Analytics
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  • Advanced Goals
  • Multi Measurements
  • Advanced Analytics
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  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Unlimited Trainers
  • Custom Branding
  • Dedicated Account Rep.
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Our mission is to provide the best professional body fat testing sofware in the world.

Use on Any Device

Web-based and can be used on virtually any device with internet access: iPhone/Android, Windows/Mac, desktop/laptop.


Built for professionals worldwide who use a variety of languages, standards, and measurement systems.

Measure with Multiple Formulas

Jackson Pollock 3, 4, and 7-Site, Slaughter/Lohman, Yuhasz, Boileau, Durnin/Womersley.

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